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Floaty Confessionals

Floating is exciting to talk about with friends and family, and we love to hear your stories too. It's in sharing your float stories with others that not only reminds us at Float Madison why we do the work we do, but you could be helping a friend find peace, happiness, or relief. We encourage you to share your stories about floating at Float Madison anywhere you can.

Below is a collection of reviews we've received, video testimonials from a few of our float guests, and testimonials from float centers whom we've done consulting for.

Please Enjoy!


Video Testimonials

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Testimonials from float centers we've done consulting work for

Will Dieterich, Owner-Founder of Tampa Floats

"When deciding to open up a float center I knew exactly how amazing sensory deprivation was but being relatively new to floating I didn't know a ton about how to operate a float center. I was well aware that floating came with a plethora of health benefits and that my community could really benefit from having easier access to to floating.When researching and learning more about the process of developing and owning a float center I happened to be traveling to visit family in Wisconsin when I reached out to Greg Griffin who was currently in the late stages of opening up Float Madison. Greg warmly opened up his facility to me and walked me through the in's and out's of everything to do with opening a float center. Greg has attended workshops on how to open up a float center and has been floating for many years so I knew I was in good hands. All of the information was paramount in the learning process for me and definitely set us up for success at Tampa Floats.

After leaving to head back to Florida I was steadily in contact with Greg about various issues, anything from the stressful build out process to what kind of towels were best for float centers. Any of the little things that popped up and I was unsure about, Greg was constantly there to help us. I honestly don't think that Tampa Floats would exist today if it was not for the outstanding guidance throughout the entire process."

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Josh Giles, Owner-Founder of Total Body Rejuvenation

"In my eyes Greg and Float Madison are a staple of the Float Industry.  Not only does Greg provide a phenomenal space for people to float at Float Madison, he is also extremely involved in the worldwide float community.  Greg is always on the cutting edge of finding the best materials and techniques to build float centers, as well as the supplies to use inside the centers.  The best part about this, Greg shares this info with the entire float community so everyone can provide the best experiences possible. 


When I was in the process of opening Total Rejuvenation in Cedar Rapids, IA Greg allowed me to come shadow him for a day at Float Madison.  For me, this was a game changer.  This allowed me to see processes that Greg had been working on for over a year so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. 


For anyone looking at starting a float center, The Float Conference and Greg are who I would point them to!"

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