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Picture Gallery

Pictures of Our Float Center

A preview of our lively, homey space, as well as behind the scenes pictures from the early days!
Ocean Room 2
Our comfy, lively lobby
Seasonal Flowers

Our owner, Greg, has been gardening for years, and during the growing season he enjoys sprucing up the reception desk with seasonal flowers. Daffodils mean spring!

New Float Pod - 2017

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a new float pod. We now have 3 float tanks to choose from.

Urbal Tea on retail

We've been a fan of Urbal Tea since they started! We offer their tea complimentary after floats, and you may purchase some of their delicious and nutritious blends to take home too.

1,000 Pounds of Epsom Salt

This entire stack goes into every single one of our float pods and cabins. It's the "magic" ingredient that makes you float!

Evolution Pod

04.14.2016 The Evolution Float Pod is ready.

Float Madison Sign

03.03.2016 We love the way our window sign turned out. Look closely at the shadows the glass block letters create. So cool.

Ocean Float Room

02.15.2016 Here is our Ocean Float Room suite. The Ocean Float Room is one of the most spacious float tanks around.


01.21.2016 Our ceiling is in and looking great!

Door Installation

01.20.16 Our heavy duty soundproof doors are in place making the float suites very peaceful.

Evolution Pod in it's New Home

01.15.16 Our pod is safe in it's new home! We had to tear down a closet in our hallway to fit it in, but it's in, and the wall is already rebuilt. Soon we will be floating!

The Pod has landed

01.12.15 The Pod has landed! After removing the front door to Float Madison and barely evading frostbite, the pod is now warm and cozy in it's new home.

Float Hallway

01.07.15 The Float hallway is primed for painting and looking good. Our contractors did an amazing job with the skylight. We hope you enjoy the angles as much as we do.

Vinyl Work

12.06.15 Preparing the windows for our new vinyl and signage.

Our walls are completed

12.04.15 We spent around 15 hours this past week meticulously installing sound-proofing insulation which is just one part of our plan to keep the float suites as peaceful as possible. It was a lot of work, but it saved our contractors a lot of time and made it possible for them to finish the rest of the walls this week!

Float Room walls and Celings are up

12.02.15 The walls and ceilings of the float rooms are up!

So Much Epsom Salt

11.20.15 Our Epsom salt arrived just as the snow began to fall on Friday evening!

Wall frames are up. HVAC in progress

11.14.15 What a difference a week makes! The wall and ceiling framing is up. The HVAC and electrical work is in progress.

Plumping for the float room showers

11.06.15 Plumbing for the float room showers are in place. Next up, framing walls.


10.29.15 Walls and ceilings are demolished.

Smashing Walls

10.27.15 Demo Begins!

Before demo

10.20.15 This area will house the float suites.

Float Madison

Float Madison, coming soon...

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