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About Floatation Therapy

Experience True Rest and Relaxation for Your Body and Mind

1000 pounds of Epsom salt + 10 inches of water = Infinite benefits.

As you enter the therapy pool in your personal soundproof pod or room (we have both), your body floats effortlessly in the clear, skin temperature water. Your back is relieved from the effects of gravity. Your muscles and joints unwind and relax while your skin absorbs the beneficial, mineral rich Epsom Salt water.


The lights dim and your senses are completely relieved from the noise and stress of your busy day. Your mind can now shift to a more relaxed state - refocusing it’s energy on healing the body and boosting creativity and thought. Stress, pain and anxiety melt away leaving you with an exhilarating feeling for days to come.

Our friends at Just Float in Pasadena, California allowed us to share their wonderful video which briefly describes floating. If you find yourself in the L.A. area, be sure to check out their world class float center:

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