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Your First Float

Your First Float

Going into your float
Arrive 15 minutes prior to your float time for a brief orientation - Arrive 5 minutes early for subsequent floats.

Each of our float suites has a private dressing area and shower, so there is no need to bring a swim suit.
Everything else is provided including shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, earplugs and towels.
Don't shave or wax before your float - The sa
lt water solution may irritate your skin. 

Remove your contacts - Your eyes will be more comfortable without contacts or glasses on.
Eat a small meal about 1 hour prior - It will be easier for your body to rest if you aren't too full or really hungry.
Don't drink caffeine before floating - Caffeine is a stimulant and will make it difficult to rest and relax.
DO NOT apply makeup, moisturizer, perfume or spray tan before coming for a float.
DO NOT smoke cigarettes before coming in for your float. We may refuse service if a strong odo
r of smoke is brought in with you.
DO NOT float if you've dyed your hair in the past 10 days. With red dye, we require waiting 30+ days to float.

Although most hair dye sets in under 10 days, some dye, especially rainbow colors, can leach out of hair for weeks which may damage our float tanks and towels. If you are unsure, please do a "damp towel test" prior to booking your float: take a white cloth, get it wet, ring it out so it's very damp, then rub a couple areas of your dyed hair with heavy pressure between your fingers, and if you see any dye then you will want to wait to float as that is a sign that the dye will bleed onto our towels and float tanks.
You cannot float if you have Henna coloring in your hair (or a Henna tattoo).

Before you float

We'll cover the basics together and answer your questions. Then:




Put in earplugs








Take a shower







Step into float tank






Close door, turn off lights when you're ready and enjoy your float

After you float

Music fades in easing you out of your float. When you're ready:





Turn on the lights and carefully step out







Rinse off salt water






Get dressed and bask in your post-float glow!


Head to our relaxation room to continue to relax with some complimentary local tea or spring water

Our Contact page has our free on-site parking information with a map.

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