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Our Float Tanks

Our Float Tanks

​Float Madison provides floats in your choice of our Evolution Pods or Ocean Float Rooms

The Evolution Float Pod

The Evolution Pod offers state of the art technology through an enclosed and cozy design while still being quite spacious.
Music and lighting is user-controlled.

The Ocean Float Room

Say goodbye to claustrophobia. At 8ft long, 5ft wide and 7ft tall, our Ocean Float Room offers the peace of mind that you will have plenty of space while you float. Music and lighting is user controlled.

It allows for a customized and personal float experience while also maintaining excellent sound-proofing measures providing the true sensory deprivation experience.

With over 25 years of experience, Ocean Float Rooms have had plenty of time to dial in every detail of what can make a perfect float experience.

A newer company, they have quickly become one of the top manufacturers and have their pods installed all over the world, including many professional sports facilities.

From the sleek design to the starlight ceiling, it's no wonder why Ocean Float Rooms continues to be one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Evolution Float Pod Promo Video

Ocean Float Room Promo Video

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