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Refer a Friend Program

The floating experience can be hard to put into words.
It's something that simply has to be experienced to understand it.

So, why not send your friends in to experience floating for themselves?

We enjoy having you here at Float Madison and we would love more floaters just like you. And where can we find more people like you? Through you!

Be that person who introduces a friend to an amazing, unique experience that could impact their everyday life!

With the referral card you give them, they get $10 off of their first float.

Once the referral card is redeemed, you get a point added to your account.  For every 4 referrals you accumulate, you earn a FREE 60 Minute Float Session! We will automatically add the float to your account, and you will be notified via email. We keep track of everything for you.

You can pick up referral cards at Float Madison, on our reception desk and in our Zen Room. Our cards are business card sized and perfect for fitting in your wallet or purse.  Take as many as you wish and pass them out to anyone you feel would benefit from floating (which as we both know is practically everybody). Just be sure you fill out the back of the card to help us keep track of your referrals!

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