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Float Therapy in the Media

Float Madison in the Media

"Claustrophobic Goes for a Float"

"What it’s like to step into the sensory deprivation tanks of Float Madison New facility brings flotation therapy to the isthmus"

"Floating in a human-sized womb: Flotation therapy coming soon to Madison"

Morning Buzz had Greg on to discuss Floating. The link to the discussion will be up soon.

"Standing out from the crowd"

"Crowdfunding isn’t without risks, but success comes in many forms."

joe and ebo zone logo.jpg

Joe and Ebo had Greg on The Zone to talk about floating and it's benefits for athletes.

"Young Entrepreneur Helps Stress and Pain Float Away"


"When Nothing is Everything  - What You Need to Know About Floating"

"With my CRPS, touch (allydonia), is one of the main triggers for my pain. In the float pod I slowly stopped feeling my CRPS-affected areas. The dark, warm atmosphere of the pod eased and eventually stopped the pain I’ve been feeling for years. Eventually I could not even tell where my CRPS-affected arm was in space–I was that relaxed."



"Enter the slippery salinated chamber"

A journey into Madison’s new sensory-deprivation industry.


"Leaving the ladder, one may float upward"

Sensory deprivation tanks and a journey towards the self.

"​If your to-do list is long, maybe it’s time to put Stillness at the top"

Darcy Luoma, founder of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, has been a Member at Float Madison since we opened and had our owner, Greg, on her Thoughtfully Fit Thursdays show to chat about "stillness". "We were recently chatting about how [floating] has become one of the most effective ways for me to quiet my mind. Even if I'm tempted to cancel my appointment and blow through a few more tasks, I always come away from my float with greater clarity and often epiphanies about my busy world."

You can find out more about Darcy at

Float Madison's Favorite National Float Media

"Floating with Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes"
The Golden State Warriors discuss how floating has helped their ball game.

"Mental health treatment: How float clinics treat anxiety"

TIME explores the scientific research bring conducted at the country's largest private brain research center, LIBR.

"Is Sensory Deprivation Ready To Go Mainstream?"

"Recently opened float centers like Lift in Brooklyn and Just Float in Pasadena are offering people an upscale, spa-like experience."

"I Got Naked and Tried to De-Stress in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

  What does it feel like to feel nothing at all?"

"Sensory Deprivation Tanks Find New Converts"

 "These Olympians Swear Sensory Deprivation Helps Them Achieve Their Goals 

Here's why—and how everyday athletes can make it work for them, too."

"Float therapy: A new method in PTSD Treatment"
A veteran explains his passion for float therapy, a technique that helps alleviate PTSD symptoms.

"People With Anxiety Find Relief in

Sensory Deprivation Tanks 

Some have even gotten off their meds."

"I Went Into A Sensory Deprivation Tank, And I Finally Learned How To Let Go"

"Is Floating the New Meditation?"

"Claustrophobic Goes for a Float"
Our friends at Float Milwaukee eases the common concern of claustrophobia.

Youtube video of Gary Ferguson, founder of Pathways for Veterans, an organization focused on helping veterans get help putting their life on track after returning from service using float tanks.

The Float Brothers Float Spa in Destin, Florida discuss the benefits of floating during pregnancy.

"Feeling Super for the Super Bowl: Float Pod Welcomes Both Teams to Float!"
Super Bowl XLIX teams reveal their secret tool

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