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Effortlessly float away pain, stress and anxiety.
Boost creativity, learning and performance.

Relieve pregnancy discomfort.
Recover quicker.

Sleep better.


as never before

Schedule a Float

Only $53 per 60 Minute Float

with our Introductory 3-Pack

And check out our membership options for the best savings on making floating a regular practice!

Madison's Float Therapy Center, on a mission to provide ultimate relaxation by providing our Madison community with a premium floatation therapy experience. We invite you to unwind in our warm and spacious private float rooms and pods and experience the many benefits floating has to offer. Let this be your time to relax, heal, connect, explore and grow. 

Float Madison proudly carries Charlotte's Web Hemp Extracts and Colorado Hemp Honey. Click here or on the images below for more information, including a list of the products we carry at Float Madison.

colorado hemp honey image healing infusi
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